ABOUT YOUR ORDER.   Questions? Please email us: ryan@boomerts.com  or  Text us at 630-851-0000

• PRODUCTION & DELIVERY. 1.) For Stores with an Order Deadline, Orders will be Processed after the Deadline Date.  Please allow 8-12 Working Days.

   2.) Stores that are open 24/ 7/ 365, Orders will be Processed and Shipped within 7-10 days.        • PAYMENT. Credit Card is charged when order is placed. 

• BACK ORDER POLICY.  If an item becomes unavailable we may substitute with a very similar style that meets the quality and style that was offered or if nothing is available, the item will will need to cancel that item anbd refund for that Item issued.

• RETURNS/EXCHANGES.  Your order is a Custom Made Order, due to that we are not able to take a Return or Exchange any items.    Need Help?  We are willing to discount a replacement if you ordered incorrectly.  Your Satisfaction is Our Future.

• CANCELLATIONS.   Cancellations, ''may be possible'', only with in the first 24-48 hours after you place your order and at our discretion based on actual timing and weekends, etc.  We promise do do our best to accommodate a cancellation request but these are time sensitive spirit wear programs so products are orders very quickly after an online store closes.       QUALITY SATISFACTION.  Our goal is to provide quality products. Please contact us if you feel an item is defective.

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