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We Have Been Creating Online Stores Since 2002 and With Today's Technology, We Are The Pros.

How We Do It

We discuss And Create Your Store.

We Email You For Approval

We Can Send Posters.

Product Samples Available.

Orders are made and shipped or ready for pick up

We Send The Check

Thank You For The Opportunity.  Let's Get Your Store Started. 

Step 1.   Which Online Store Is Best For You?  Only "Spirit Wear Fundraisers" Offers 3 Choices!

1.) Order Deadline Date.  Lower Price Products Because All Orders Are Printed At The Same Time After The Order Deadline Date.

     (This Store Can Be Reopened.)

2.) 24 / 7/ 365 Online Store Open Year-Round.   People Can Order Anytime. Prices Are Slightly Higher.

3.) Hybrid.    After The Order Deadline Date, We Can Offer Select Products 24/ 7/ 365!

Step 2.   Email The Details About The Online Fundraiser/Site

1.) Set the Fundraiser or Commission Amount To Add To Each Product - or - Set A Fundraiser Goal or Ending Date.

2.) We Add Products and Accessories.

Step 3.   Design, Logo, Artwork.

We Create The Design(s) or Use Your Design.   We Create Versions For Printing and/or Embroidery

Step 4.   Approval

1.) We Email You a Link To Your Store So You Can Approve  It or Make Changes.

2.) After Final Approval, Your Store Is Ready For You To Promote.

Step 5.   Orders

1.) Depending On Which Online Store/Page You Choose, Orders Are Completed and Then Shipped or Delivered.

2.) We Use USPS and/or UPS.

Step 6.   Check

1.) The Fundraiser or Commission Check Is Sent Within 3-5 Days .

2.) Checks Need To Be Made Out To Appropriate Fundraiser Name, .Org, NPO or Person.  

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FAQS -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Are There Set Up Fees?  No Cost To Set Up "Your Store" and No Minimums for 90% of the Online Stores We Create.    More Info here.

Shipping/ Delivery  We can Ship orders Daily or Weekly based on Order Volume or In Bulk for example, Stores with a Order Deadline Date.   We Use USPS Priority Mail ( trackable), or UPS Customer gets an Email when Order Ships.

Quality Your Satisfaction Is Our Future.  36 Years Experience of Customer Service, Print and Embroidery Products.

Size Charts & Samples  Size Charts on All Products. Actual Production Samples Available, inquire for Details please.

Back Order Policy If an item becomes unavailable we may substitute with a very similar style that meets the quality and style that was offered or if nothing is available, the item will will need to cancel that item and refund for that Item issued.

Returns & Exchanges  Orders are Custom Printed or Embroidered, due to that we are not able to take a Return or Exchange any items.    Need Help?  We are willing to discount a replacement if you ordered incorrectly.  Your Satisfaction is Our Future.

Order Cancellations Cancellations, ''may be possible'', within the first 24-48 hours after you place your order and at our discretion based on actual timing and weekends, etc.  We promise do do our best to accommodate a cancellation request .

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We Create Your Store ... a Subsidiary of Boomer T's